Wyoming goose and duck hunt offerings are few and far between. But if you really want premier waterfowl action with excellent hunts, guides, pits, and liberal limits – High Plains Wingshooters should be your destination.

HPW is located in the Central Flyway. Over a half-million geese and ducks are here during the season. The opportunity to experience this quality hunting will show you why HPW will be your first choice in the future.

Here's why.  HPW has access to a considerable number of hunting locations throughout Goshen County. Our plan is to never over hunt a pit. Ourt pit blind locations are chosen carefully so that we always have birds working in and around our fields.

Our guides put out large spreads of decoys daily. Spreads of 10-30 dozen decoys are the norm. We pick up and put out daily so that the geese never see the same spread twice.

Most of our shooting is within 30 yards and all is within 45. We don't jump shoot or pass shoot. We are about bringing birds in close over decoys!

Our blinds are comfortable, large and heated. Each shooter has a lid of his own. The lids allow you to watch the action as the guide works the birds into range. You have a large individual space to shoot at any angle.

We take pride in offering waterfowl hunts from a single hunter to multiple pit loads. The variance of group sizes you can bring offers a more personalized hunting experience.

You will be excited about HPW and southeast Wyoming. We're certain HPW will become the first choice for your future goose hunting.


taking advantage of duck opportunities

On days when ducks are available to the field where you are already goose hunting, HPW does not charge an additional fee.

We don’t do exclusive duck hunts. When the opportunity presents itself, we will take full advantage.