High Plains Wingshooters Guides are skilled and seasoned. Hard-working and personable, our guides will enhance your experience beyond the expected. HPW guests compliment our guides year after year! A great guide performance in the field will make your trip a memorable one.


I was born and raised in HPW's home Goshen County, Wyoming. From a young age, I grew up with hunting and fishing.

Early on, I strictly hunted big game but was introduced to waterfowl hunting in my early high school days. From that day forth, I was absolutely hooked. I have dedicated myself to learning as much as I could about hunting these amazing birds.

I have done some competitive calling where I was lucky enough to win the Wyoming State Title in 2011. Although I would still like to do some more contest calling, I get a bigger thrill working live birds and seeing people's eyes light up and the intensity build as they await me to call the shot.

I have guided for High Plains Wingshooters for the last several years as well as other guide services prior to HPW.

I have been very blessed to be where I am at today and to have the opportunity to run this great business. I just want to thank the people that helped me get here.

I want to thank you, the hunters/friends and my great staff. You all are the backbone of this business, and I look forward to a long and bright future, as this business grows to its full potential.


Zach Eisenbarth was born and raised in the heart of Goshen County on a family farm covered in wildlife. Waterfowl had him hooked at a very young age. Growing up, every winter he'd find any way possible to get into the fields to chase ducks and geese. Having two lakes nearby and plenty of grain fields gave him all sorts of opportunities.

He had many great mentors in family and friends who led him to the waterfowl addiction.

Zach knew growing up that one day he'd want to guide goose hunters and got the opportunity in 2014 when the Goshen County 2 Shot Goose Hunt needed an extra guide. After being teamed in a random pit with two great hunters, he thought guiding was a fun time, and something he'd want to pursue.

After being skunked in the 2 Shot the first year and getting two birds the second, the 2016 competition saw Zach with some shooters and a hot pit on his family farm. Four shots and four geese later, he won the 2016 2 Shot.

"Guiding waterfowl hunters has been a blessing, and nothing beats a big honker back flapping in the decoys."


Cliff grew up in northern Wyoming hunting big game and only doing the occasional jump shoot for waterfowl. After high school, he moved to southeast Wyoming and began hunting geese with his brother in law. It only took one day of watching geese work into the decoys to find his new passion.

He began building his own spreads of decoys and spent hours upon hours at the local park listening to ducks and geese so he could learn to call like a bird and not another caller. For years, he spent every weekend of the season hiking into the public hunting areas of the Platte River Valley. In 2010 he joined the Zink Calls pro staff and started participating in calling contests across the region, winning several goose and duck calling titles.

It was during this time that he developed a great friendship with fellow competitor and HPW guide Aaron Garcia. When Aaron and Jennifer bought the company in 2013, Cliff was happy to start guiding hunts for them.

Cliff utilizes a natural approach to waterfowl hunting and does not believe in specific decoy spread configurations or calling sequences. He spends hundreds of hours observing ducks and geese and tries to mimic their sounds and actions while hunting.

Waterfowl hunting has become a way of life for him and he has been fortunate to travel all over the country hunting everything from Eiders and sea ducks in Cape Cod to snow geese in Kansas during the spring migration. However, he still believes that there is not much that compares to watching a group of Canada geese drop into the spread and the looks on his clients’ faces when they throw that pit lid.


Garrett Meyer is also known in these parts as "Duck Meat". Garrett will be happy to explain the nickname when you meet him!

Garrett has lived in Torrington all his life and got into waterfowl hunting at the age of fourteen After a couple years of letting his buddies call in some geese, Garrett bought a goose call and became obsessed! Since that day, he says he's honestly never put the call down even in the offseason.

In 2012, Garrett got the privilege of filling in for a guide in the famous 2 Shot Goose Hunt. His group won the event. "It is an honor to have my picture in the history books of that prestigious event!"

Garrett's desire is to bring that successful experience to every hunter! "I am eager to use the knowledge I have acquired to introduce you to the beautiful and exciting memories you are going to have here at HPW. LET'S SLAY SOME HONKERS! See you soon!"


Waterfowl are Robb's favorite game to hunt.

Robb has been a part of High Plains Wingshooters since 2005. For a living, Robb works as a Social Studies teacher for Torrington Middle School.

Decoy placement and calling are aspects of waterfowl hunting where Robb excels. Although Robb has a broad knowledge of decoy placement and calling, his attitude is there is always more out there to learn. "When a person thinks they know everything about ducks and geese, that's when the birds will fool hunters the most."

Calling Contest accomplishments
• 2010 Wyoming State Goose Calling Champion
• 2009 Wyoming State Goose Calling Champion
• 2010 Tom Harpstreith Memorial Open Goose Champion
• 2005 Cabela's Open Duck Champion


I've been a waterfowl and big game hunter since 2014. I've enjoyed guiding through the years with High Plains Wingshooters.

I was the 2019 Goshen County 2-shot goose hunt champion guide.

 I enjoy meeting new people from across the US and showing them how great waterfowl hunting is in Torrington. I work hard to do anything in my power to help those in my pit. With savvy strategies and decoy placement, the odds are good for a successful hunt.

 I enjoy playing softball, basketball, and rodeo as side activities. Training horses and keeping active throughout the summer is what keeps me in shape for hunting season.