what to bring

Be prepared for everything.

It can be 80 degrees or snowing in early November and can be 65-70 even in December. On the other hand, we can get a blizzard at any time after the 15th of September.

• Warm Layered Clothing. Yes, the blinds are heated, but you will be in and out of blinds and it is very important to have layered clothing. Very easy to remove clothing, awful to not have what you need.

• Waterproof Boots. Nice for walking in snowy or dew conditions.

• House Shoes. If you are staying in the Lodge we have a great mud room set up so you can get out of your hunting clothing before you go through the main lodge. Bring some slippers or sandals or some form of house shoes so you don't wear your hunting boots into the lodge.

Gun Gear
• Cleaning station is supplied at the Lodge.
• Bring a soft gun case for vehicle transpor
• What ever choke you shoot the best
• Ammunition
• Steel shot for Waterfowl
    #2 or #4 shot is what we like to shoot for decoying birds. But please bring what ever you are comfortable/use to shooting as long as it is of decent size to effectively and ethically get the job done. I feel like #4 shot would be the smallest shot I would recommend.

• If you do not wish to fly with ammo let us know and we will gladly pick it up for you and have it for your trip.

• Ear protection – Very important to bring protection for your ears. You will be in a pit or box blind and will have the rest of your group in close proximity while shooting.

• Thermos for coffee etc. while in the blind

• If you are staying in the lodge and would like to cook everything you need is there to prepare your meals EXCEPT FOOD. Bring everything you need including spices etc.

• If you are staying in a motel bring your lunch along in the morning and any snacks you may wish to have


• Your dogs are welcome on the hunt, but they are not allowed in the lodge unless they are in a kennel crate. 

• Your dog is welcome on the hunt with your group, but if the dog is creating a safety issue in the blind it is the guide's discretion to have the dog removed from the hunt. If the dog is disrupting the success of the hunt it is the discretion of the hunting party to remove or keep the dog in the blind.

Please note additional tips about dog in the section below.

• You will need to have in your possession a Wyoming State Bird License a HIP stamp issued in Wyoming (your home state stamp is not acceptable for the HIP process) and a Federal Duck Stamp. If you buy the season bird license or anything more then a day license you will also need a Wyoming Conservation Stamp. All hunters are responsible for their own proper licensing. Anyone why is not properly licensed will not be allowed to participate in the hunt untill the they have all required licenses/stamps


We welcome your dog along on your hunt as we know that the highest pleasure for a dog owning bird hunter is to hunt over his or her own dog. If you choose to bring your dog along please let us know in advance so we don't end up having too many dogs on the hunt.

An additional cleaning fee will be added to your bill if you let your dog walk around the house and if housekeeping deems it necessary.

 We do strongly ask please do not leave your dog unattended in the guest house at any time. Utilize your kennel if you are going to be gone.

We do not provide kennels, outdoors or indoors.  Please bring your own.